Love is an illusion

it’s not so much that there is no such thing, but that love is not transcendent, it’s biological. humanity is so attached to the exalted position it holds in its own collective head, that it cannot cannot exist as a biological animal to itself. whether reason, language, astronomy, religion, creativity, sympathy, empathy or love divide us from the brute beasts, we need to maintain the illusion. the fear is that there’s nothing left if we allow ourselves to abandon these romantic notions one by one

One thought on “Love is an illusion

  1. The interesting question is not whether love is a biological function or a psychological construct, whether it defines us or we define it; what elevates love above academic deconstruction is it's unquantifiable enrichment of the human experience.
    To love is not the same as being human – animals exhibit affection privately and socially – but it is difficult, if not impossible, to ascribe 'humanity' to one who is unable to love.
    To love in the fullest sense is not to hold up the chemical processes, neural networks, or psychosocial and sociobiological explanations for why the function of love exists (and hence to say 'I understood, I conquered, I am evolved', which are all declarations of 'I am safe' or 'love cannot hurt me') but to surrender to the result. Love is the single greatest motive force in the history of humankind. It is the central theme of almost every major work of art or literature in the history of the written word. While our ideas about love change over time and with social convention, and yes, academic distillation, it's true nature can be appreciated best in it's outcome.
    Love is timeless and universal because of it's ability to inspire us to be more, and better, than our natures. To be concerned with the mechanics is missing the point.
    If love is a 'silliness' then count me in…
    – QotSE

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