The Open Manifesto

I don’t like the word ‘player’. Instead, I think I’d almost rather be called a ‘slut’. Except, like player, it has very gender-specific connotations, and so simplifications – but opposite ones. While a player is active, wilful, manipulative, objectifying, a slut is passive, a manipulated object lacking the will to guide his/her own behaviour.

So, because people are complicated, and should be able to convey their independence of mind and moral values, I propose a new, still politically uncorrect but at least gender-neutral moniker. Following the nounification of the adjective ‘gay’, and the attempt of the same with the word ‘bright’, I’d like to propose ‘open’ as the self-describing word for those of low moral fibre, embracing a high sex drive, a shameless sense of humour, an indulgence in whatever works for them, and an understanding that sexual orientation is a (possibly multi-dimensional) continuum.

Sex is fun. It shouldn’t be a source of guilt. But, to avoid anyone getting hurt, it requires honesty, in order to be fair, fun and free. In short, you have to be open.

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