Neuroscience notes

The neuroscience notes for my PhD qualifying exam are now online as a single compressed tarball and as browsable individual webpages. If you use Emacs Muse, then you can also grab the muse files as a tarball (or by changing the .html to .muse) too.

The notes are in wiki form – in other words, I tried to give every brain region, tract, disorder, function and topic its own page. Emacs Muse automatically created the hyperlinks as I was typing (thanks to Per Sederberg‘s implicit linking patch. In reality, many of the pages are missing or sparse, since this is a pretty gargantuan task. There’s also the possibility that things are inaccurate. For instance, I’m pretty sure there’s some confusion regarding the nucleus reticularis vs nucleus reticularis pontis oralis, since I didn’t initially realize that they’re distinct brain regions with similar names…

Anyway, you’re welcome to use, modify and distribute these in any way you’d like, though I’d appreciate a shout-out if you do. Consider them to be released with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, though I’ve been lazy and not included the license file. I’d doubly appreciate hearing about any flaws or confusions you find. I’m still working on these, and so I may one day release an updated version.

Obviously, to some degree this is reinventing the wheel. Most of these notes are from Kandel & Schwarz (4th edition), and you can find most of this stuff online, e.g. the wikipedia has some good pages on the brain, though the usual caveats apply. I also learned a lot about the pros and cons of wikifying knowledge along the way, but that’s the topic of another post.

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