Word pools for psychology experiments

Ah, you came to the right place for words, sonny boy. Roll up, roll up. We gots big words, little words, sad words, rude words, words you didn’t know, words that haven’t been invented yet, words your mother whispered to you in your sleep as a boy, words that cure warts, words that raze forts. A penny a word, first dollar is free!


Per collated a bunch of word pools at the hallowed Lab of Kahana, but it’s 3 days’ journey from here on foot. Unless you’re a hyper-traveller, in which case this wordhole will whisk you there:


I based my experiments on the Toronto Noun Pool, since that has a 1000-odd imageable nouns which I’d then whittle down a dozen different ways by hand.

The MRC Psycholinguistic Database is pretty awesome if you want to filter automatically (e.g. frequency, imageability, length).

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