Our one true inalienable right

In the future, our refusal to endorse assisted dying will be considered barbarism.

We as a society need to appreciate that a death of our own choosing, at our own time and on our own terms, may be the most noble way to end one’s life.

One day in the future, I look forward to the publication of a beautiful book of joyous and life-affirming suicide notes.

I’ve felt strongly about this for a long time – I wrote this short story about suicide as an inalienable right ten years ago.

One thought on “Our one true inalienable right

  1. I found this by searching for “one true inalienable right” and agree completely with you what it is.

    The right to self dissolution.

    But it's more than that – everyone needs to hear the message which no one need heed:

    It's OK to go …
    It's alright to leave …
    No one's going to hell …
    No one's a coward for escaping a dystopian nightmare.
    The misery of this place has an exit door that everyone has the right to know about.


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