Small wins (list)

  1. Learn the lyrics to your favourite song, so you can sing along to it as you walk down the street.
  2. Oil a door handle that’s always been just a tiny bit awkward, with a can of WD-40 that has a long nozzle.
  3. Go to a pottery exhibition and buy a mug that feels really good in your hands. Enjoy drinking out of it every day.
  4. Pick one of your favourite old books and put it in the bathroom to dip in and out of when you feel like it.
  5. Put just one picture up on the wall. If you don’t have picture hooks, buy them now and then you’ll be ready next time.
  6. Notice another person in your organisation that you suspect wants to start a fire, and arrange to have lunch with them.
  7. Spray your favourite leather shoes to make them waterproof, and then smile smugly and gratefully next time you accidentally step in a puddle with them on.
  8. Create a playlist of songs that cheer you up, to have ready just in case.
  9. Carry a small Ziploc bag with a couple of tablets of medicines you find useful (e.g. Alka Seltzer for excess, Tums for heartburn, Zirtek & Beconase, for hayfever, Ibuprofen for headaches, Strepsils for sore throats). Replenish when you use one, and add to it when you wish you had something.
  10. Start a list of ‘Small wins’ of your own, and add the first item to it.

In grateful homage to Nicholas Bate.

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