Greg Detre co-founded with Ed Cooke in 2008, blending the art and science of memory to power incredibly effective, social and playful online learning experiences. Featured in The Guardian, WiredThe Independent and elsewhere, Memrise is helping 35m people learn ten times faster than staring at a textbook across 100+ languages.

Before that, he graduated with First Class Honours from Oxford University, studied at Harvard on a prestigious Frank Knox Fellowship, and received his PhD from Princeton University on the computational neuroscience of human memory & forgetting. He has 15 years of computer programming experience, working in Python, Clojure, Javascript, Matlab, R, Lisp and a variety of other languages. While at Princeton, he led the development of an open source machine learning toolbox for fMRI data used by hundreds of labs around the world, wrote an Emacs mode used by exactly one person in the world, and coordinated the team behind Princeton’s prize-winning entries in DARPA’s international competition to read someone’s mind with a brain scanner.

After leaving Memrise, he helped set up The Guardian’s data warehouse, and worked as CTO at Big Health (makers of Sleepio).

He is very excited to have started as Chief Data Scientist at Channel 4 in London.

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