Strengths as an engineer

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Languages, tools and frameworks

Highly fluent in Python/Django, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript/ jQuery.

Also: Unix sysadmin, Matlab, Lisp, C++ and various other languages/platforms.


I’ve worked on a wide variety of software projects, with different constraints and goals (build it accurately vs build it quick vs build it beautifully).

I’m comfortable working in various environments: in small teams and alone; on long-term self-defined research goals; and also on urgent, high-pressure engineering goals.

Hardwon experience in software architecture, database tuning, rapid design iteration, data mining, algorithm development, continuous deployment, test-driven development, AB testing, web analytics, visualization, product development, user-generated content, game design, managing remote employees, hiring.

Where I really shine

I have really good high-level judgment about architecture and tools. I weigh up tradeoffs well, and I’m a great person to bounce ideas off before actually starting to code. I can save people a lot of time in the long run.

I much prefer back-end to front-end development.

Much of my PhD involved running experiments, heavy data mining and weird visualizations, so I love AB testing and analytics.

I like building tools to make development more efficient. I care about good software engineering practices (testing, continuous deployment, pair programming, good documentation).

I’m a really good communicator (speaking, writing, discussing), so I enjoy working as a bridge between technical and non-technical parts of the team.

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