Adam Detre’s recommendations on music in late 2008

[this is quoted verbatim from an email from my brother]

sorry for the atrocious sepelling. i wrote this in the dark with a slightly broken keyboard…

Here are some of my favourite bands that i have listened to am listning to alot. Mainly in the last two months. Except Postal Service.

Try some or all.

I would love to listen to musics with you sometime.

Slow club-
pretty. i liek them AT THE MOMENT. found them on the weekend.

Johnny Flynn
First person to open my eyes to folk. Love his voice.

Brendan Campbell.
Dont know much about him but he’s kinda like folk meets acoustic reggae – only got a few of his songs but i lve them and i am too scared to buy more incase they arent as good

Fleet Foxes
Harkness almost to PET SOUNDS – Beachboys. Really pretty laid bak musics ) i even bought the CD cos te album rtwork is great

Listen to SWAY, he a rapper dude but SAY it TWICE is one of my favourite moern hip hop tracks.

LAURA MARLING has SUCH pretty voice. So easy to melt into your thoughts while listening to her. my favourite is New Romantic

NOWon a slightly different note

I ADORE KINGS OF LEON and their last two albyus especially – Bause of the times is one of my favouriets.

And Cajun Dance Party

Crystal Castles
Super funky electro – Lots of lovely Blip Blop noises

POSTAL SERVICE one of my favourite bands of last year (GIVE UP is thieir only alub i thitknk but some of the remixes of their songs are great

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL introduced to m by BERGE. really good (semi-old apparentl clt following) indie band

LUDIVICO ENAUDI is BEEEUATIFUL modern classical musics. buy ANYTHING look at myspace of his.

MIA Sri Lanka rude gal elctro hip hop-sih in parts

SNTOGOLD similar genre to MIA

KANYE’s new album isnt bad from the songs i heard… dont hate me for saying that

ADELE’s album – 19 is BRILLIANT one of the nicest surpriswes of this year for me.Saw her live she was goooo

MGMT – first got turned onto the becuase radiohead were talkingabout them. They are nothing like radiohead. One of the best bands of this year again. Very happy-hippy-electro. NICE.