BarCamp Tampa – What can neuroscience tell us about learning online?

Having just moved to Tampa, BarCamp Tampa (2013) was a brilliant opportunity to lots of friendly people with interesting things to say. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

How to write programs that are right – lessons from science for software engineering

The title’s tongue-in-cheek – it’s really about best practices for writing programs where you really care that the answer is right, i.e. you’d rather your program crashes or doesn’t finish than that it give you the wrong answer.

presentation – BarCamp Tampa – SECNS – 130928 – final


What can neuroscience tell us about learning online?

My first presentation was right at the beginning of the day – I tried to touch on a dozen ideas from neuroscience/psychology that are relevant to education and learning, especially online learning. The list is of course much longer than this, but I wanted to pick a mix of consequential and counter-intuitive. We had a great discussion, and a couple of people I met there are becoming friends!

presentation – BarCamp Tampa – neuroscience education- 130928

[Unfortunately, these slides are very bare-bones and mostly acted as prompts for me – if you’re interested in the actual content, drop me a line and I might try and write some of them up as text].

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