I’m currently CTO at Big Health/Sleepio, building digital medicine. Sleepio’s astonishing effectiveness has been shown in a randomized, placebo-controlled peer-reviewed trial (covered by The Lancet), and delivers it all through The Prof’s warm, Scottish brogue.

Before that, I co-founded with Grandmaster of Memory Ed Cooke in 2008. Memrise blends the art and science of memory to power incredibly effective, social and playful online learning experiences. We have more than 4m users around the world, who have produced amazing and memorable courses for more than 100 languages, as well as everything from maps to morse code to mushrooms.

We’ve been featured in The Guardian, Independent, Wired and elsewhere.

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I worked as the CEO from 2008-2011, and the CTO from 2008-2012. Though I’m now retired from active Memrise service, we’re all still friends, I own shares and remain a huge cheerleader 🙂

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