Google desktop search

Why does the google desktop search suck so much? It’s the only google product I hate. It regularly fails to find things that definitely do exist, its index doesn’t update very fast so it’s continually telling me that files that it’s produced for me in the search results don’t exist, it doesn’t seem to do a very good job of searching inside PDFs, there’s no way to tell it where to update, almost all of the plugins that I tried to download didn’t work somehow…

Why isn’t there an easy way to tell google or mozilla or something to download absolutely everything I view in my browser to my hard disk for local searching later? Am I the only one that depends on the information that I view online, but doesn’t trust it to be there when I really need it? e.g. doing a presentation when the wireless doesn’t like my MAC address, on a train, in my mum’s house etc.

Update: the Slogger Firefox extension does exactly this.

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