Google, here’s some context

So often, when I’m searching on Google, I want to give it some context. For instance, I’m looking for pages about Django (the Python-based web framework). They’ll probably mention ‘python’, ‘web’, ‘database’ and ‘programming’. I could feed in this query:

  Django python web database programming

But I’d actually get a very restricted set of results back – just those that include *all* of those terms (give or take some Googley cleverness).

So I could instead do this:

  Django python OR web OR database OR programming

This would certainly be progress. As long as the page mentioned one of those terms, I’d be golden. But there are two issues with this:

  1. I want to be able to stipulate that it doesn’t need to mention those exact terms, but rather stuff related to them.
  2. I don’t think the page would get bonus points for mentioning more than one of those terms, as it should

It’s frustrating that I can’t type something like:

  Django context:(python web database programming)

Google Sets (or something sophisticated akin) should be able to fill in the rest.

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